About Us



Rooted Pine Films–the best Wedding Videography for your big day. This is what we do best. If you’re looking for the cheapest option to just get your wedding on video, we aren’t those guys. The wedding films we offer aren’t a commodity, they’re a personal service tailored to your specific needs. Rooted Pine Films believes weddings are the single greatest party one will ever throw. No other gathering is as elaborate as a wedding and we want everyone to have the opportunity to memorialize their biggest day with a unique film. Everybody has a love story to be told, and every love story is different, but we’re tired of seeing the same mediocre films passed along for exorbitant amounts of money. We take wedding videography seriously and we specialize in matrimony. Allow us to tell your love story, so you can forever relive the greatest party you will every throw.

Meet Our Filmmakers

Drew Jacoby

I haven’t always been in the wedding film industry (who has?) Before film, I traveled playing music and lived in community with artists. I was the gardener. I worked in the restaurant industry and attended college. All the while I was searching, finding my craft. The creativity was always there, running through my veins, working through my hands, but it hadn’t found its outlet. Years wiser and years into making wedding films, I’ve discovered my profession, my language with beauty. I love my craft and the people I get to meet along the way.

David Goehring

David is an award-winning filmmaker who has been working in the industry since 2008. From weddings to short films, to commercials and corporate videos, David does it all. David found his love for editing while shooting, taking his experience as a filmmaker into the editing suite. He loves the power of editing and the ability it has to move an audience. His career has included everything from nonprofits to prestigious clients such as Coca-Cola, FIFA, Porsche, Yellow Pages, WinShape Camps, Maaco, Danley Sound Labs, and more.

Timothy Yoon

Timothy has spent the past several years creating love stories for clients around the world. His love for travel is the source for the majority of his creative inspiration. He’s a student at the University of Georgia and has been working with Rooted Pine Films since 2016. Timothy is one of our brightest young filmmakers on the team and we are so excited to have him. Our clients always love the dynamic he brings to shoots, edits, and the rest of the wedding filmmaking process.

Rachel Owart

Rachel is an artist through and through. She’s worked at Indigo Studios and is a graphic design freelancer on top of shooting weddings. She is a graduate from the University of Georgia where she honed her videography skills and will now be working between Brooklyn and Atlanta. Our clients love her charisma and her attention to detail on shoots, which is also why we are so happy to have Rachel on our team!


A: Yes! We are very willing to travel to you. We ask that you pay for travel expenses, which vary, depending on location.

A: Upon finalization of edits and revisions our couples will receive four films: the full ceremony, toasts, dances, and a story capturing the highlights from the entire day.

A: The answer varies, depending on your preferences, but we guarantee there will always be a minimum of two of us there to capture your day.

A: We are yours for the whole day. Other videographers restrict their hours, but we think that is dumb. If you want us there when you wake up, we will be there; if you want us to tuck your family members in after the reception, we are ready and willing to do that too. The team assigned to you will only film your wedding that day, so they have no other obligations or time constraints.

A: From first-hand experience, my wife and I regretted not getting our wedding filmed. The day was perfect, but it went by so quickly that we could not take it all in. Hiring a videographer will remind you of all the details, people, and overall beauty involved in your wedding.